Technical Services:

iTech Polymer with a team of experts, gives technical consultation in the fields of polymeric materials selection, polymer product design, polymer grade substitution in order to attain reliable supply of raw materials, product quality improvement, or production process optimization.

Laboratory Testing:

Having access to a network of certified laboratories, iTech Polymer Co. offers different testing services to its clients including polymer properties testing such as physical, chemical, mechanical, electrical, thermal, ... properties as well as testing of end products such as films, pipes, injection molded articles, auto parts, etc. In addition to performing tests, iTech Polymer Co. helps its clients interpret the test results.

Compounding Services:

We produce taylor-made polymer materials in our compounding plant according to customer requirements. In addition, we produce standard grades of reinforced polymers, toughened plastics, filled compounds and masterbatches.


We deliver all the materials in a short time using our network of domestic and international transportation companies. In addition of road transportation for our domestic customers, we offer rail and water transportation for abroad clients.